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Manta Rays at Raya Noi
Scuba Diving with Manta Rays at Raya Noi Island Some years we don't spot Manta Rays very early in the season, more like February onwards. This year we are happy to say they are there already. Raya Noi South Pinnacle...
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"We are now divers!"
How does it feel to start scuba diving?   It is a beautiful, warm (29 C) and sunny day in January, the place; The Island of Raya Yai, Phuket, Thailand. The climax in paradise is about to happen in seconds....
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Raya Divers expanding to new markets
Raya Divers is expanding to China, Russia and Australia! One of the biggest diving- and travel companies in South Thailand, Raya Divers has decided to expand strongly their marketing area into China, Russia and Australia. This Finnish-owned company has already...
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