Dive sites of Khao Lak

Long-tail boat taking divers to shore at Similan Islands

Astonishing dive sites at Similan Islands and nearby points. Discover amazing local mining wreck that sank in 1984 and is now home for many smaller and bigger sea creature. You may also like to dive at famous Similan Islands. Similan Islands dive sites are full of colorful hard and soft corals and deep wall dive sites. You have also chance to spot manta rays, turtles and even different kind of sharks. We offer you the best and safest diving courses and 1-day-diving trips with our PADI certified divemasters. 

Local wreck is a mining boat which sank in 1984

Local Wreck

This dive site, boasting manta rays and barracudas, offers scuba divers a lot to experience. 

Turtle sunbathing at Khao Lak Thailand

Bon & Tachai

Two astonishing dive sites that are must see for one who have seen everything. Discover sealife with manta rays and turtles.

Scuba divers searching for new species

Similan Islands 5 & 7

Two different dive sites spiced up with white sanded slope, crude rock scenery and boulders full of marine life.  

Scuba diver hiding from a lionfish at Similan Islands

Similan Islands 6 & 7

Beautiful deep dive sites with chance of wall diving at Similan Islands. For every level scuba divers.

Turtle passing by a scuba diver

Similan Island 8

Turtle Rock dive site. Dive from beautiful bay and continue to an amazing adventure. This dive site consists of gorgeous table corals.

Similan island 9 has an incredibly beautiful bay

Similan Island 9

Nice and easy dive site to discover marine life. These two dive sites are perfect for spotting octopuses and larger schools of fish.