PADI EANx SPECIALTY - Virtual Learning

PADI EANx SPECIALTY - Virtual Learning

It is PADI’s most popular specialty course. Enriched Air, also known as “nitrox”, is a form of breathing gas that allows divers to extend bottom time and reduce nitrogen loading. Nitrox is useful when you do several deeper dives during a day, common on liveaboard trips. After completing your online learning you’ll apply the knowledge you’ve learned by practicing procedures for obtaining and analysing enriched air and understand how it affects you beneath the surface. In virtual lesson your PADI Instructor will guide you in any questions.

Virtual course consists

• Online theory study
• Review assignments and final exams
• A virtual lesson

The theoretical parts and knowledge review are completed independently online approx 10 hours. During the two-hour virtual lesson, examinations will be reviewed, and a final exam will be conducted under the guidance of a diving instructor. You can attend the lesson after completing the theory sections. Book a day for the virtual lesson from the calendar.

Lesson starts 14:00

The course price covers your online training, virtual lesson, assessments and certification card fee.

Regular price €128,00