Raya Divers insurance

All 1-75 years old customers are insured while they are participating on trips or diving courses organized by Raya Divers. The insurance is approved by Thai T.A.T. (Tourist Authority of Thailand), and it covers evacuation and treatment for accidents up to  500 000 THB (approx. 12 500 EUR). Most accidents are minor (stumbling on the deck of a boat, dehydration, etc), which the insurance covers easily. However, we recommend each traveler to have their own travel insurance, and for divers to have their own diving insurance, in order to avoid any kind of payment problems for more serious injuries or evacuation cases. Examples may be evacuation back to your home country, or treatment in pressure chamber in a private hospital.
Nowadays insurances are affordable and easy to purchase online from your own country, or for example the organizations recommended by Raya Divers (below).