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Big game fishing trip from Phuket

Phuket is a perfect holiday destination for experiencing the thrill of big game fishing in a tropical paradise. Phuket enjoys a year round fishing season and it offers great opportunities to catch Giant Trevallies, Tunas, Dorados, Barracudas, Wahoos, Blue Finned Trevallies, Cobias, Mackerels, Rainbow Runners, Black Marlins and Sailfish. Also several species of sharks can be found within the deeper waters but please note that we strongly encourage the practice of “Catch and Release” of Marlin, Sailfish and Sharks. The non-fishing members of the family can join our fishing trips as well and enjoy the views, the sun and the ice-cold beverages. During the lunch break we will take out the snorkeling gear, and both the fishermen and non-fishers can jump in the water.
Places visited: Phuket West Coast, Koh Raya Yai, Koh Raya Noi
Duration: 09:00-17:00
Guided activities: Game fishing, snorkeling
Other activities: Swimming, sunbathing
Food & Beverage: Lunch onboard, fruits, drinking water, coffee and tea

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